Continuous MF™ System & Process

Continuous MF™ System & Process

Continuous MF is a revolutionary process as well as a new technique in the execution of chemical nickel plating. In practice, it is an alternative base to our Metalenp – NSF process, it is defined as a next-generation system. Even if the composition of the alloy is Nickel Phosphorus, the corrosion resistance is considerably higher. We have put into play all our experience to define what is not written yet. Continuous Maintenance Free (MF Continuous) is a great base, able to clear the dead time of the plant in priming and decomposition of the reaction, free from the drawbacks of such failures. It is designed to deliver a constant quality regardless of operating parameters and MTO (Metal turnover). Today is possible to eliminate human error and achieve state of the art results.


IMPORTANT NOTE: the corrosion resistance is increased when the roughness is lower, for example a particular C40 Ra = 0.13 with 20 uM of thickness, exceeds 1,161 hours in salt spray fog.

Note*: All the tests and their respective examinations were conducted using standard materials, in particular: Hull Cell Panel type HULL J10. Therefore, the result may differ depending on the finish achieved by mechanical treatments, the electrochemical behaviour of the steel or the alloy undergoing treatment. For special requirements please contact our R&D department in order to carry out a dedicated study.

Upcoming developments for 2017 

Continuous MF Neptune Process

compatible process similar to chemical nickel plating. It has been developed on the system Continuous MF ™ with further development in the field of corrosion resistance, in fact, it is especially suitable to acidic environments. It is inspired by the metal glass technology which is a completely amorphous deposit.

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