One of the few companies that dedicates itself to continual research, in order to offer the best products to meet your needs.


Metalcoating SRL was founded in 1984 as a company which specialises in chemical nickel-plating. Our continual commitment to research within our own laboratories and a passion for our work have led to the creation of coatings with unique features for a growing market which is always on the lookout for new developments.

We are a company in continual growth. Our secret is our big ideas aimed at state of the art and perfection, pioneers of unexplored markets.

At the heart of our ambition are the needs of the customer.

Organisation, attention, and professionalism are the foundation of our work ethic.


  • Tailor-made, for you and with you, unique solutions to give your products a decisive and winning edge in the market.
  • Rapid research into problems with the co-participation of the internal R&D department.
  • Reduce costs, with the design of new products


  • Experience, competence and ability, matured over 30 years of activity
  • Study, research and planning in continual evolution
  • Solutions created within the company
  • R&D undertaken within the company
  • A wide range of analysis instruments, recently updated
  • Rapid execution of work orders
  • Respect for quality standards
  • Direct and timely pre and post support and assistance service
  • Collaboration with leading companies around the world
  • Full mastery of Know How


  • Pre-treatment consultancy
  • Post-treatment assistance
  • Chemical-physical / metallographic analysis
  • Coatings which are anti-corrosive / wear resistant / suitable for the food and beverages industry
  • Plant design and solution / chemical nickel
  • Design of new coatings
  • Research and development
  • Prototyping
  • Electrochemical tests
  • Sandblasting treatment AI203 – SiO2 – Fe
  • Comparative salt spray fog tests
  • Compatibility tests and release of solutions supplied by the client
  • Cyclic amperometry tests
  • Metal alloy analysis
  • Patent research

We would like to thank all those who have chosen us as partners and have collaborated with us over the years, giving us their trust and spurring us on to achieve ever more ambitious goals.

We are fuelled by the satisfaction of our clients.

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