The Plant

Our plant has been designed based on thirty years of experience in the field of chemical nickel projects. Currently, the plant in which we operate is the third edition which takes in a more complete approach to the technique for the realisation of the nickel phosphorus coating and particularly to the care and cleaning of the mechanical components that will be subjected to treatment. As in the automotive field where the term “marriage” is defined as the union between the chassis and the mechanical parts, here it takes place between the plant and the solutions that we design. Our R&D department works constantly in looking for new strategies to resolve any type of failure or dead time on our production lines. The strength of our plant works on the basis of the unique synergy between the plant team and the R&D department. Our policy follows as a reference what happens in F1 where the driver constantly suggests to improvements to the mechanics. We think, as they do, that the winning formula is to place our plant team, along with the R&D department, at the centre in order to allow them to design and create something unique.  Over the years this has enabled us to develop “Micronmeter equipment” and HP + (Hydrogen probe) for real-time determination of the thickness and the yield of chemical nickel tanks.



METALCOATING S.r.l. possesses an automatic system able to coat details of these dimensions:

• Height mm 1350
• Length mm 1850
• Width mm 750
• For a total weight of Kg 1500
• Total capacity in litres of Nickel 9000

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