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Based on over 25 years of technological expertise, Micronmeter is the result of a long project devoted entirely to the research, development and production of a high-quality instrument to measure in “real time” the thickness of the coating layer in the industry of metal surface treatments.

Micronmeter has led the way with a technology that can meet the growing demands for a viable and important industry such as this. Using our skills, we have employed and implemented the best available technology solutions, remaining constantly engaged in order to make a difference for both for our customers and the environment.

Your investment in our equipment represents our goal of providing comprehensive support to ensure your success.

Micronmeter is a registered trademark of Tecnologie Superficiali Srl.


  • Thickness measurement in real time
  • Increased productivity with better process control
  • Reduction of the production cost of the treatment process
  • Increased production quality
  • Complete reliability
  • Economical
  • Easy to install, compact dimensions
  • The displayed evaluations may be stored for statistics and reports

Principle of operation

MICRONMETER is an X-ray apparatus, able to generate alarms and other signals for the control of industrial processes, it continuously measures the deposition rate in microns / hour. It can analyse coating thickness of different materials such as chemical nickel, copper, gold, silver, up to 150 microns or more, with an accuracy of 2% of all thicknesses.



In the figure below, you can see, in green, the increasing thickness of the coating process. The other data relate to the coating speed, the average thickness, the temperature, etc… In this case a PC is connected to the system to ensure the widest data measurement range. The system is equipped with a display that is installed on the electronic control unit, in this manner can function as an independent unit, without the need for a PC. Calibration of MICRONMETER is required and repeated every week, in order to guarantee a guaranteed accurate measurement in the range. The operator can verify the measurements by connecting the electronic control unit to a PC with an RS485 / USB cable, this remote control is possible up to 100 meters or more.
Upon request, the software modules can be added to generate and / or monitor alarms and other data and parameters.

Technical specifications

Overall Size (mm): length 720, width 350, height 400.
Total weight (kg): 66.4.



The changes taking place globally are forcing companies to be more competitive, this is reflected in the demand for supplies and services that require a consistent implementation and continuous improvement in quality, cost, and results.

In recent years, in the field of surface treatments there has been a high demand for high quality standards, so as to meet the needs of customers in terms of better tolerances and reduced waste.

The most common tools for measuring the coating thickness are away from the production line and this necessarily entails collecting a piece each time from the chemical solution for measurement.
This must generally be carried out by qualified personnel and, in many cases it is not a short process. All of this involves a series of well-known problems to experts of the sector.
With this in mind we have designed this innovative and unique tool.

MicronMeter has been developed with the specific intent to provide a concrete solution to the problems of measuring the thickness of the nickel in manufacturing plants for the galvanic treatment. The innovation contained within the technology allows for real time measurements.  We could say that this allows the system to make the nickel plating process virtually automatic.

MicronMeter can operate in the same line on one or more working positions. This allows for the control of multiple processes of different thicknesses at the same time. It can be integrated into the treatment line or added as an external device.


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